Ford Virginia’s James River Oregon Trail Style

You remember the game Oregon Trail…along your journey, you’re given the choice to ford many a river only to lose an oxen, or worse, a child? Well fortunately for you, in nearby Scottsville, VA remains the last poled ferry in the U.S. and it boasts a stellar safety record.

The Hatton Ferry is named after Frank Hatton, who was a noted politician and newspaper mogul of the late 1800s. He served as Assistant and General Postmaster in the Cabinet of Chester A. Arthur, and later fought to renominate Arthur at the 1884 Republican National Convention. Hatton ultimately served as Editor of The Washington Post up until his death at just 48 years old.

We recently took the ‘plunge’ so to speak, traversing the James River via Hatton Ferry with our daughter MaryAlice.

Bill, MaryAlice and Eileen aboard the Hatton Ferry.
(More pictures on our Facebook page!)

There’s really nothing quite like it! We rested easy and enjoyed the ride, but trying to pole the ferry was also an option. Some even take their cars across! For just a $2 donation per person or $5 per car, passengers help support the Hatton Ferry non-profit group that preserves this historic institution.

Come experience a truly authentic Virginia past time on the Hatton Ferry mid-April through October.

Your Hosts,
Bill and Eileen Hoernlein

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