Teamwork leads to an awesome B&B stay for guests

As 2016 draws to a close, we want to tell you about the team of people who make Steeles Tavern Manor B&B and Alpine Hideaway Cottages the wonderful retreat that it is. Ray & I are supported in our efforts to make your stay the best possible experience by the dedicated work of a whole “family” of workers. We want to thank these team members and let you know who is adding those special little touches for your comfort.

When you pull into our driveway, you will see that, in the summer, the grass is neatly mown, the weeds are held at bay, the pool stays crystal clear, and the shrubs are trimmed. In the winter, the walkways are clear of snow and the driveway has been plowed. All this beautification is performed by our “You name it guy”, Lee. Lee worked for the previous owners of this wonderful property so he knows more about the house and grounds than we do! Lee is part landscaper, carpenter, brush clearer, plumber, painter – you get the picture! He can do it all (and has!)! On his days off, he enjoys riding his motorcycle around these Virginia hills and mountains.

Our “VP of Operations” is Louise. While Ray & I are the “face” of Steeles Tavern manor, Louise is the person who manages laundry and kitchen activities. She is the person who will make your plate look great by plating the breakfast food and adding garnishes. Louise is committed to the “behind the scenes” work of cleaning the kitchen and making sure we have lots of clean sheets, fluffy towels, and soft robes for all the guests. Our dog, Bacchus, sees Louise as a second “mom” and he enjoys spending time with her as she completes her tasks. If you happen to catch Louise as she zips around the B&B, ask her about her grandchildren.

We have a 3-person housekeeping team to keep everything in the house looking great and sparkling clean.

Shirley is our “HOH” (head of housekeeping) and has been managing us and managing the schedules for the other housekeepers for four years. Shirley can do any job around the house and, during busy times, rotates kitchen duties with Louise. Shirley always has the best interests of our guests AND the efficiency of the operations around the house in mind. When Shirley starts a sentence with “I was just thinking”, we know to be prepared for a great idea to improve something at Steeles Tavern Manor! Shirley lives just minutes from the B&B and enjoys “playing in the dirt” in her own garden and canning her own veggies in her spare time.

April has been working at the B&B for three years and during that time, she has shown us what clean really is! She is a “perfectionist” and her attention to detail pays off with super clean rooms and bathrooms. She also keeps tabs on supply levels for all the wonderful amenities you find in your room and bathroom so we know when it’s time to reorder those things. As a new mom, she loves spending every moment with her young son.

The “New kid on the block” is Brittany who has worked for us since July 2016. Shirley has trained her well so Brittany understands our standards and is very thorough in her work. It seems like she has been here longer than six months because she fits so well into our team. She is a very busy mom of two sons so the “new kid” also has some of the qualities of the “Energizer bunny”!



The “Official Greeter” for the B&B is Bacchus, our black Lab. As Ray & I meet and greet the guests, Bacchus’ tail never stops wagging because he knows that he already likes you! When he’s not greeting guests, he’s checking up on the other team members, taking walks, playing with toys, and eating.

We feel that our employees are part of our family.  And they all feel the same.  When guests walk through the door of the Inn or Cottages, the “wow” feeling that sets in is the result of the hard work and commitment of our employees.

Thank you Lee, Louise, Shirley, April, and Brittany for your hard work, dedication, and attention to detail!  You’re THE BEST!

Happy 2017!

Melissa & Ray

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