The “Middle” Edition

Even though we are currently basking in a winter thaw, it will be back to winter at Alpine Hideaway Cottages before you know it. Consider joining us for a mid-week warmup!

Mid-Weekly Inspiration 

No matter what day of the week, there’s always something for Alpine Hideaway guests to do. For every mid-week (Tues-Thurs) booking made during the month of February, you will receive a complimentary bottle of wine and box of Godiva chocolates! And after unwinding with your goodies, you could be checking out these mid-week happenings…

Tuesday, Jan. 26: Get your shop on! There are lots of great spots for snagging a steal in downtown Lexington.

Wednesday, Jan. 27: Go Wild! Spike Jonze’ box office smash hit Where the Wild Things Are is playing at 8pm and also Thursday-Saturday at 10pm at the Stackhouse Theater at Washington & Lee University. Catch it for FREE!

Thursday, Jan. 28: Be artsy AND techie! Join the Washington & Lee Dance Repertory Company for an exciting performance including William H. Meadow’s Shall Wii Dance? in collaboration with Jenefer Davies. The work uses video game controllers, called WiiMotes, to transform dancers’ movements and gestures into sound. Tickets are $10/adult, $9/seniors, $8/student.

Pamper Your Mid-Section

Preparations for a Baby Moon Package are underway, so stay tuned and be sure to browse the packages section of our website this week to see how you can celebrate your solitude. *Spoiler Alert* Babymooners should prepare to spoil their “mid-sections” with culinary delights and their babies-to-be with a selection of J&J products!

Best wishes for a wonderful mid-week!

Bill and Eileen Hoernlein
Your Hosts

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