Virginia – Winter Wonderland for Romantic Getaways

Cabin guests at Alpine Hideaway awoke to a beautiful blanket of more than eight inches of snow this morning! (Imagine their surprise since the weather man had only predicted a light dusting!)

We all found ourselves at the precipice of a lazy weekend, except Bill who graciously plowed the way to civilization for those who wanted to explore. I prepared and delivered a homemade breakfast to the cabins, whose occupants were enjoying a roaring fire in their own private fireplace, a great selection of books, films and music, or perusing a selection of wines to later kick off a romantic evening.

The holidays are one of the most special times of year to visit Alpine Hideaway because the snow transforms it into a place far, far away from the real world, free of worries and responsibilities. Let us help you plan your next escape to our Virginia Winter Wonderland!

Bill and Eileen Hoernlein
Your Hosts

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