Visit the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library

As we leave these brisk months of fall behind and begin our gradual descent into winter, it’s time to focus less on the amazing things available to us outside and to focus instead on other attractions in the wonderful Shenandoah Valley!  One of those attractions is the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, located in the nearby town of Staunton, VA.

The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library is an unassuming piece of American history dedicated to the life and story of America’s 28th president.  Though parts of Wilson’s legacy are controversial, his presidency had profound implications for American Society, as he worked to pass many social and economic reforms, including the Federal Reserve Act, the Child Labor Reform Act, and legislation that supported unions to ensure fair treatment of working Americans, before leading the country through World War I.

The town of Staunton itself is a wonderful place to explore this winter and home to much more than the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. It’s about 30 minutes from our Shenandoah Valley Bed and Breakfast. It is home to a vibrant arts and music scene, incredible local restaurants, and an exciting array of independent shops and galleries. Here, you’ll enjoy 50 tranquil acres of space, gorgeous guest rooms or intimate cabins, and exceptional hospitality.

This is a magnificent place to spend a few relaxing days this winter.  Book your room at our Shenandoah Valley Bed and Breakfast today!

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